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Bundle Details

Everything You Need to Promote a Logo-Branded Professional Image

It's important for every small business, even a part-time home business, to have a polished logo-branded image that promotes professionalism and makes you stand out from the rest.  Project your brand throughout every aspect of your business.

Designer Suite Bundles include the following coordinated elements:
  Original Website Template
WordPress Blog Template
Favorites Icon
Advertising Banners (2)
Business Card Template
Receipt Template
Design Dossier
e-Book:  SEO Primer

Original Site & Blog Design, Favorites Icon

The First Impression

The base of any branded image on the Internet starts with an original design for your website and a coordinating blog.

A WordPress blog will be installed on your host rather than creating it on a free blog site.  This enables you to have more control over the content of your blog, including affiliate links, as well as an easy-to-remember URL on your own domain,

The favorites icon or "favicon" is the tiny image that shows up in the address bar of your browser when someone visits your site.  When people bookmark your site, the favicon will show up next to your site name in their list.

Advertising Elements

Promote Your Business

The ad banners included in the bundle are standard sizes for the web, 468x60 and 125x125.  It's important to have standard sizes in order to fit the required format on other sites.  Use them to exchange links, to place on directories and for paid advertising.  The 125x125 size ads are now being built into many blog templates.

Print Elements

Extend Your Image to Print

Continue promoting your logo-branded image by including a customized receipt in your shipments.  It will be the first thing the customer sees when opening the package and it will reinforce your business brand. 

For service businesses that don't require shipping, you can email the receipt file

and the customer can print a hard copy, if needed, for their records.  The receipt is in Microsoft Word format.
The business card template, in Microsoft Publisher format, can be used with VistaPrint, other printing companies or you can print the cards yourself.  Business cards can also be used as hang tags and price tags.

Design Dossier

Own Your Business Image

Each bundle also includes a Design Dossier which contains the color codes and fonts used in the design as well as a high-quality PNG logo image so that new print items, branded products or advertising based on your theme can be created.  It also makes it possible to do a minor redesign of your website in the future to give it a fresh updated look.

This is incredibly important.  Ask anyone who has paid to have a website designed and later couldn't locate the original designer when they wanted to expand the use of their branded image.  The only choice was to create low quality new features with substandard images or pay for a new design.   With this information, you will have control over your design and your logo for the life of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Attracting Customers to your Website

You will receive a short e-Book, SEO Primer, that explains the basics of search engine optimization and describes the tried and true techniques that give the best results.  Following the simple instructions when creating the pages of your website can result in higher placement in the search engines and increased traffic.  The little bit of extra effort it takes will be one of the most important things you do for your business.

Created using artwork by  Trina Clark
Design by Designer Suite
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